Volunteer, (n): 1. a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task. Volunteers will be our hands-on helpers in every aspect of our planning and execution. Being a volunteer means you are offering something – something that is not required nor is an obligation. Volunteering means you are working side by side with others who are also donating their valuable time. Becoming a volunteer will grant you the opportunity to connect with other compassionate human beings like you that are working toward a common goal: stopping child trafficking worldwide. When you participate as a CLF volunteer, you are making a critical difference in the rights and freedom of enslaved children. You are helping to provide freedom and — in many cases — you are helping to save children’s lives.

Volunteer Leaders

A Volunteer Leader is a person who is responsible to deliver major tasks within a project and supervise other volunteers to handle minor tasks. They also are responsible for keeping a tally of vital quantitative and qualitative data we use for our reporting. Volunteer Leaders are people who embody leadership qualities using organization, project coordination and execution skills. Our Volunteer Leaders are charismatic, reliable and play a role in inspiring the rest of their colleagues to put their best efforts.

Expectations of Volunteers

As a volunteer you have to be willing to serve others, follow instructions, listen, be guided, and be open to training. Any person with these qualities will be an asset to our team. As a volunteer we also expect you to be attentive and considerate of others as well as time oriented, correlating to any event or program deadlines that you are assigned to.

What we will provide all Volunteers:

· Any materials, resources, and guidance needed to fulfill their role.
· Volunteer thank you letter
· Newsletters, updates and event/program information
· Educational materials on child trafficking