Global Ambassador - The Child Liberation Foundation

Nicholas served in the Royal Australian Navy as an Electronics Engineer for several years maintaining weapons systems for the Royal Australian Navy before serving as an Australian operational, strategical asset within the SAS (Special Air Service). Nicholas spent 8.5 years conducting complex problems solving for the Australian government both nationally and internationally, ranging from vast intelligence operations to highly complex and/or aggressive engagements prior to transitioning into the business space.

Nicholas is now the CEO and Founder of Koda International, an organisation who consults for Family Offices and institutional wealth as well as forging Koda’s own projects, investments and joint investments/ventures. Nicholas is also Director Of Acquisitions for an Australian SFO (Single Family Office), who operates as their intercontinental satellite connecting with potential FO (Family Office) partners, sourcing deal flow and apprehending diverse FO strategy.

Nicholas has an extremely broad spectrum of international relationships from both time of service to present, of which Nicholas is able to assist CLF with philanthropic connections to strategically raise finances and awareness on a global scale in order to ensure that finance is no limitation when it comes to liberating and rehabilitating a child, and to deny freedom of movement to criminal syndicates and those who would abuse children.