Global Ambassador - The Child Liberation Foundation

Adriana Aristizábal is an award winning journalist, Best-Selling author, Consultant, and a former war reporter from Colombia. In the late 90’s she provided live coverage of the war between the FARC, Paramilitaries and the Colombian Government from the front-lines. Adriana worked for RCN and CM&, popular news networks throughout Latin America. In 2003 she published the best-selling book La Guaca de las FARC (‘FARC’s Stash: I Found It’) published by Quintero Editores. The book tells a true story about a group of soldiers who stumbled upon millions of dollars stashed in barrels. They decided to run away with the treasure, which belonged to a notorious terrorist group. Also In 2003, the Congress of Colombia honored Adriana with a proclamation recognizing her job as a war reporter. In 2004, after receiving threats from the toughest FARC Leaders, Adriana secured a new opportunity to work for the Colombian Consulate in New York City.

In 2010, the Council of New York honored her for her support in the field of Arts and Culture. In 2014, El Diario La Prensa in New York awarded her as part of their “Outstanding Women” program. In 2017 she launched her second book Caught in the Storm of War: Memoirs of a War Reporter, published by York House Press. Currently, Adriana runs iVoice Communications a Public Relations firm she founded in 2014. In that field she helps companies and organizations in the United States with interest in the Hispanic and Latin American markets. She is contributor writer for Arianna’s Huffington Thrive Global and since 2002 has been member of RESDAL, the Latin American Security and Defense Network. Adriana has been a guest speaker at top Universities across the United States. On 2017 she was invited as speaker to the 50th Fortune – Alpha Most Powerful Latinas event at Columbia University in NYC. Donate Now!