Get Involved


Getting involved is an opportunity for you to be active in our mission to heal child sex trauma and eradicate child sex trafficking. These programs are designed to educate, promote, heal, and raise awareness to stop the demand for child abuse and trafficking. We believe that together we are stronger. Please explore our various programs below and see which one fits you best.

A division that is dedicated to giving opportunities for healers to share their gifts and collaborate with us through programs, services, and co-creating sacred healing retreats and events.

Our Global Ambassadors are the influencers that represent the Child Liberation Foundation to help spread awareness about child trafficking by giving resources and educational tools to bring an end to it.

A volunteer for a foundation plays a crucial role by offering their time, skills, and efforts to support the organization’s mission and initiatives. Their dedication and selflessness greatly contribute to the success and effectiveness of the foundation’s work, helping it fulfill its objectives and create a meaningful difference in the lives of those it serves.

Freedom Fighters are a dedicated alliance of individuals and businesses, united in the fight against human trafficking. Through specialized training and support, they play a crucial role in local prevention efforts, awareness campaigns, and rescue operations.

The Child Liberation Foundation recognizes that unity is an essential part of making a difference. Together we are stronger. We are proudly supporting other organizations and foundations that are also working tirelessly to make a difference in our fight for eradicating child trafficking.