Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters are a dedicated alliance of individuals and businesses, united in the fight against human trafficking. Through specialized training and support, they play a crucial role in local prevention efforts, awareness campaigns, and rescue operations. This noble cause welcomes contributions from various sectors, including healthcare, hospitality, law enforcement, retail, and others, emphasizing the need for integrity and commitment.

Freedom Fighter would be a good fit for you if you are a:

· Business Owner
· Pharmacy
· Bar
· Restaurant/Coffee shop
· Police Department
· Supermarket
· Community Center
· Fitness center
· Mall
· Library

· School
· Amusement Park
· Self Defense Academy
· City Hall
· Massage Parlor
· Movie Theater
· Dance Hall
· Fun Plex/Recreation Center
· Bowling Alley
· Etc.

What you will receive as a Freedom Fighter

· You and your company/team will be educated and trained on how to detect, prevent and support individuals that may be in danger of human trafficking.
· You will receive the resources necessary to help you carry out your role as a Freedom Fighter.
· As a freedom fighter you will be given exclusive opportunities to come to movie premieres screenings, fundraising events, charitable missions, workshops, galas, retreats, and projects associated with our sister organizations. .

Requirements to become a Freedom Fighter

· A minimum donation of $20,000 OR the same value in Company Services, OR a minimum of 3 % of your Company Profits that are dedicated to the Child Liberation Foundation. · As a Freedom Fighter you and your company are required to be trained in Human Trafficking prevention and awareness with the tools and resources you will be provided with.