Child sex trafficking, a scourge that takes over the world.

The news has gone around the country: a US citizen was reported for recently entering a
hotel in an important tourist sector of Medellín with two girls, ages 12 and 13.
After the scandal, the person involved, identified as Timothy Alan Livingston, immediately
traveled to his country because he was not caught red-handed committing the abuse of
the two minors.

Several questions arise here: Are the Colombian authorities lax in addressing the
problem? Do restrictive measures such as prohibiting prostitution in some areas of the city
solve the scourge of child sex trafficking? What is the role of the hotel sector in the
prevention and elimination of child sexual abuse?
At Child Liberation Foundation we believe that we all have a responsibility to eliminate
child sex trafficking in the world. Reporting, informing ourselves and talking about the issue
in our social circles.

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