Anchor Project

Anchor Project What is it?

 The Anchor Project seeks to offer healing workshops that support the mind-body-heart-spirit connection among children and young adults who have been victims of sexual abuse. In these spaces of healing, music, dance, art, cooking, jewelry making, yoga, martial arts, and other expressions of the spirit find a place to offer a holistic vision for overcoming trauma. We chose the anchor as it is an element that, like ships at sea, provides grounding, stillness, and peace in times of confusion and chaos. To achieve external peace, it is essential to attain it internally, and this is precisely what we aim for with this project.
Through these workshops, victims are supported as they face their fears and doubts, release their sufferings, and replace them with acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, and love.

Some workshop examples:

Unlocking the Healing Power of Music

Through this workshop, beneficiaries have the opportunity to explore their feelings and find comfort in the transformative power of sound. It has been demonstrated that music helps individuals release trauma-related feelings, whether through composing, playing, or simply releasing rhythm. Our goal is to help participants find their rhythm and move towards a brighter future!

Healing Trauma through Dance and Movement

 This workshop promotes trauma rehabilitation through dance and movement as innovative therapies. Emotional expression through the body facilitates a powerful release that helps overcome past wounds. Dancing fosters non-verbal communication and the expression of feelings, develops the mind-body connection, and allows the beneficiary to explore their own being in a safe and supportive environment.

Connecting with the Medicine of the Elements

 This is a great therapy for participants as it offers a variety of physical, emotional, and cognitive benefits. Beneficiaries can reduce stress, improve physical activity, and strengthen their immune system by being exposed to natural environments. Additionally, nature enhances cognitive function, attention, and creativity, while also fostering awareness, connection with the environment, and a sense of responsibility for the natural world. In summary, spending time in nature can help individuals recover by addressing numerous areas of their well-being.